Our Philosophy

Ensuring the consumers' health protection is a main concern of the Administration. The quality and hygiene of the products is assured by means of constant quality controls, from the raw material delivery to the final product production throughout the production process, based on the applied HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) system [(Hellenic Organization for Standardization) ELOT standard 1416).

In addition, the perfectly trained staff (by means of seminars and constant conferences on topics regarding the proper use of ice-cream, as well as the rules for the proper hygiene and security in food) essentially contributes to the product quality assurance and the consumer's health protection as well.

Despite the difficulties regarding the especially competitive ice-cream market, ALFA company continues to be the leader, producing high quality products, thus earning the appreciation and trust of constantly all the more consumers and proving that its history is in fact the history of ice-cream in Greece.